Your future has never looked brighter.  As an employee of Texas Trust you receive many valuable benefits and services.  It’s one of the ways Texas Trust wants to say “Thank You”.


  • Low Premiums for all active full-time employees
  • Large list of in-network providers to choose from
  • Partial premiums paid for dependent coverage

Dental / Vision / RX Insurance

  • Go to the dentist of your choice!  Preventative care is 100% covered twice annually. 
  • Eye Exams with a $10 co-pay. A network of doctors and optometrists who can provide lenses & frames with generous allowances. Laser Vision correction benefits are also available.
  • Our prescription drug plan provides for retail prescription and mail order prescription services.  Plan pays 100% on generic.


Full-Time employees have access to a network of state-licensed, board certified primary care physicians that provide members and dependents with around-the-clock access to telephone medical consults.  We split the cost of this service with the employee.

One Call Medical

Full-time employees have access to the largest network of qualified radiology providers in the nation.  This saves the employee approximately 50% of out-of-pocket costs on several diagnostic tests.

Nurse Navigator

Full-time employees have access to a program that will assist with a variety of insurance and provider related issues, questions, and research.  This program can locate provider options for medical services, research physician quality and credentials, schedule appointments, obtain your medical records for appointments, assist with health plan benefits, provide guidance and education by a nurse and provide continuous support, whether your at home or at work.

Short & Long Term Disability Insurance

Eligible employees are provided income protection through Short Term and Long Term Disability coverage in the event that illnesses or injuries keep an employee from work for an extended period of time.  100% premium paid for eligible full-time employees.

Wellness Program

Our wellness program is a fun way for Texas Trust to reward it's employees who participate in activities to encourage healthy active lifestyles.  There are a multitude to choose from, ranging from getting a flu shot to enrolling on telephonic Coaching Programs.

For more details, become an employee today!