At Texas Trust we try and set ourselves apart from other credit unions and banks by making a difference in the lives of our employees. Knowing that we care is what makes us attract good people, and keep them.  Our vitality depends on the quality of our employees. 

That's why, at Texas Trust we give you "stuff"Stuff that will help you with career growth, education and development, work-life balance and so much more.          

  • Medical & Dental coverage, because your health and your family’s health is an important gift that needs to be looked after.
  • Insurance coverage to get you through those rough patches in life.

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  • Wellness benefits with access to gyms and wellness centres
  • Learning and development opportunities to fast-track your career

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There are a lot more benefits that you get as an employee of Texas Trust, and all of these contribute to making you feel like a valued member of the Texas Trust family.